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Community Impact Report Highlights Enhanced Capital’s Impactful Investing

March 9, 2018

A cutting-edge clean energy company converting waste into renewable energy, a specialty agricultural operation in rural America, a new school in a hurricane-impacted neighborhood in New Orleans and a manufacturing business providing jobs in Utah are among projects highlighted in Enhanced Capital’s new Community Impact Report. Released at the beginning of 2018, this report highlights the positive impact of recent economic development projects supported by Enhanced Capital.

Since 1999, Enhanced Capital has been committed to providing capital to businesses underserved by many traditional investors. From the opening of a tissue mill in rural Maine, to the expansion of a renewable energy facility in Utah, we have witnessed the catalytic economic impact our investments have within communities across the nation.

In 2017 we partnered with a wide range of stakeholders including small business owners, developers and community leaders to transform underserved communities. We helped to restore historic landmarks, support renewable energy sources and strengthen local economies by investing in the lifeblood of communities: small businesses.

Through both federal and state New Markets Tax Credit programs, we provided financing for projects that have generated significant economic opportunity, including the creation of nearly 300 jobs in Birmingham, Alabama, by bringing CrossPlex Village to the community. Over 30 percent of these temporary and permanent jobs are expected to be filled by minority and low-income community members, breathing life into the distressed Alabama neighborhood.

In Philadelphia, we provided financing through the federal historic tax credit program to rehabilitate our nation’s first racially integrated hotel, the Divine Lorraine. The catalytic impact of this project has been felt in nearby neighborhoods, which are seeing an influx of new construction and housing prices have nearly doubled.

Our focus on creating renewable energy sources has led us to support numerous businesses that are changing the way energy is produced, not only in their communities, but in the United States. With support from our Utah Small Business Loan Fund, Renewlogy, an innovative plastic-to-fuel facility, is now part of a breakthrough industry that is poised to bring over 100,000 new jobs across the nation.

These are just a few examples of the recent projects we have helped finance. Read more about our impact in the latest Community Impact Report. To read more about additional projects, please check out the 2016 Community Impact Report.