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Enhanced Capital Announces Release of 2022 Community Impact Report

May 17, 2023

Over $895 million deployed and over 7,200 jobs supported through Enhanced Capital’s Small Business Lending, Impact Real Estate, and Climate Finance investment strategies in 2022

Enhanced Capital, a leading impact investing firm founded in 1999, today released its 2022 Community Impact Report.

The report details the Firm's achievements in 2022 driving positive change by investing in businesses and projects that generate measurable social and environmental impact through its investment focus areas: Small Business Lending, Impact Real Estate, and Climate Finance.

"Enhanced Capital's mission has always been to support building stronger communities and promote inclusive economic growth," said Michael Korengold, CEO of Enhanced Capital. "Our 2022 Community Impact Report demonstrates our dedication to delivering meaningful impact and our unwavering commitment to invest in opportunities that create value for the communities we serve across the United States."

Notable Highlights:

  • Over $895 million deployed in 2022 and over $3.4 billion raised since inception through Enhanced Capital’s Small Business Lending, Impact Real Estate, and Climate Finance investment strategies.
  • Over 7,200 jobs supported in 2022 and over 41,000 jobs supported since inception. Enhanced Capital’s investments spur job creation and economic growth, creating a ripple effect throughout communities.
  • Over 155 megawatts installed in 2022 through Climate Finance investments. The clean energy generated by this portfolio will offset about 4.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the lifetime of the projects.
  • Over 60% of transactions in 2022 were closed with borrowers or developers in low-income, rural, and underserved communities. Enhanced Capital targets underserved communities to bridge the capital gap and improve resources for high-impact businesses and projects.

Enhanced Capital’s 2022 Community Impact Report showcases the Firm’s achievements since its inception and highlights its notable investments in 2022. The report illustrates the Firm’s impact on job creation, social and economic growth, and environmental sustainability in the communities it serves.

To download the Enhanced Capital 2022 Community Impact Report and learn more about the Firm’s impact achievements, visit the Enhanced Capital website.

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