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Enhanced Capital Announces Release of 2023 Community Impact Report

May 16, 2024

Enhanced Capital, a leading impact investment firm founded in 1999, released its 2023 Community Impact Report.

The report highlights Enhanced Capital’s progress in creating stronger and more sustainable communities through its investment focus areas: Climate Finance, Impact Real Estate, and Small Business Lending.

"In our 2023 Community Impact Report, we are proud to highlight the meaningful impact of transforming local economies for the benefit of investors and community stakeholders," said Michael Korengold, President and CEO of Enhanced Capital. "The report showcases our efforts to provide financing solutions for projects and businesses that lack access to traditional sources of capital."

Notable Highlights:

  • Committed over $3.7 billion in impact assets to projects and businesses since inception through Enhanced Capital’s three investment strategies.
  • Supported over 3,600 jobs in 2023 and over 53,000 jobs since inception, contributing to economic growth and generating positive impacts that resonate throughout communities.
  • Installed 242 megawatts of clean energy capacity in 2023 through Climate Finance investments and offset approximately 1.8 million metric tons of carbon emissions over the lifespan of these projects.
  • Closed 84% of investments with borrowers or developers in low-income, rural, or underserved communities in 2023, bridging capital gaps and improving resources for high-impact businesses and projects.

Enhanced Capital’s 2023 Community Impact Report provides a comprehensive look at its investments and achievements over the past year. It emphasizes the Firm’s role in advancing impactful economic development, job creation, and sustainable practices across communities where the Firm invests.

To read the Enhanced Capital 2023 Community Impact Report and learn more about the Firm’s ongoing impact, visit the Enhanced Capital website.