Featured Investments


MJ & H Fabrication

November 2023 PONCA CITY, OK

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in MJ & H Fabrication through the Oklahoma Rural Jobs Act program in November 2023. The Company, located in a rural area with a poverty rate of 20%, is a fabricator of vessels, process piping, skid and modular packages, and structural steel for a broad range of industries. The loan provided by Enhanced Capital will support working capital, a new military contract, and job creation.


Plants to Food

January 2023 Lincoln, RI

Plants to Food, a Lincoln, RI-based manufacturing service partner for plant-based food brands, received financing from Enhanced Capital through the Rhode Island Small Business Development Fund program (SBDF). The loan will help Plants to Food build the country’s largest vegan bakery and cheese cave, which will age thousands of pounds of plant-based cheeses per week.




September 2022 Avon, CT

Enhanced Capital supports iCleanse, a disinfection leader and Digital Out of Home (OOH) media company, by providing an investment through the InvestCT program for working capital. The investment enables iCleanse to accelerate growth and develop additional innovations to expand its disinfection product portfolio.


Impact Housing Group


Impact Housing Group manufactures efficient modular housing units across multiple asset classes, including both single-family and multifamily. The company’s approach to homebuilding results in sustainable and affordable housing solutions for communities throughout the Southeast. Enhanced Capital and Crossroads Impact Corp provided a loan to support the construction and operations of Impact Housing Group’s new state-of-the-art assembly facility located in Westminster, South Carolina.


Quitman Community Hospital

April 2022 Marks, MS

In April 2022, Enhanced Capital provided capital to the newly reopened Quitman Community Hospital, a designated Critical Access Hospital, designed to advance high-quality healthcare access in rural communities in Mississippi. The financing will help bring back the largest employer in the county and provide Quitman County residents with access to critical care for the first time in five years after many rural Mississippi hospitals, including Quitman, closed due to financial difficulties.



North Austin Community Center

September 2021 Chicago, IL

The North Austin Community Center (NACC) received financing from Enhanced Capital through federal and Illinois New Markets Tax Credits for the environmental remediation of a brownfield site after over 40 years of vacancy and to reactivate the area for recreational, community, and educational programming, serving 25,000 youth and families holistically.


Sharpsville Container Corporation


In July 2021, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Sharpsville Container Corporation (SCC) through Pennsylvania’s Rural Jobs and Investment Tax Credit program. SCC is a process equipment manufacturer in Sharpsville, PA, that offers integrated engineering solutions primarily focused on fluid and gas handling containment.


St. Augustine High School

June 2021 New Orleans, LA

Enhanced Capital partnered with St. Augustine High School to upgrade its aging campus and transform the existing facilities into best-in-class learning environments. St. Augustine is a nonprofit college preparatory school located in an area of New Orleans with a poverty rate of 42%. Enhanced Capital’s investment allowed for the necessary renovations and upgrades for classrooms, state-of-the-art STEM laboratories, and additional energy efficiency solutions.



January 2021 Santa Monica, CA

In January 2021, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in SMiZE Cream, a start-up ice cream business wholly owned by entrepreneur and supermodel Tyra Banks. SMiZE Cream is super-premium, all-natural ice cream with an edible surprise in every serving called The SMiZE Surprize.




December 2020 Aurora, IL

Enhanced Capital participated in the redevelopment of the Copley Hospital campus by providing financing through Illinois’ PACE program for energy efficiency measures in December 2020. Enhanced Capital also provided financing through state Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits and a bridge loan secured by state and federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits.


Harvest Lane Honey

December 2020 Salt Lake City, UT

Harvest Lane Honey, a company dedicated to reversing the declining population of honeybees, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital in December 2017. The investment was provided through the Utah New Markets Tax Credit Fund for working capital to build inventory and rapidly fulfill accelerating customer demand.


The Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House

November 2020 PHILADELPHIA, PA

Enhanced Capital closed $6 million of retroactive Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to help refinance existing debt on the historic Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House (The Met). After extensive rehabilitation, The Met reopened and had its first show in December 2018 and has been a considerable success both as a concert venue and as a catalyst for further development in the area.


G3LV, LLC (Zephyr Filtration)

August 2020 Las Vegas, NV

In August 2020, G3LV, LLC, a manufacturer of air filters, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital through the Nevada New Market Jobs Act Tax Credit program.


Cornucopia Farms Avera, LLC

April 2020 Avera, GA

In April 2020, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Cornucopia Farms Avera, LLC through Georgia’s Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act program. Cornucopia will use Enhanced Capital’s investment to hire additional employees and to build its first hydroponic facility in Avera, GA, which will cultivate year-round production of premium quality food for surrounding communities.


Rheonix, Inc.

March 2020 Ithaca, NY

Enhanced Capital would like to acknowledge Rheonix, Inc., one of our portfolio companies, for the impact they are making on the COVID-19 crisis. Located in Ithaca, NY, Rheonix is a biotech company that delivers fully automated testing technology.


Dakota Pacific Real Estate

March 2020 Salt Lake City, UT

Aiding economic reinvigoration and need for more hotels in downtown Salt Lake City, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Dakota Pacific Real Estate (DPRE) through the Utah New Markets Tax Credit program in March 2020.


Madera Fuels, LLC

March 2020 Corinth, MS

In March 2020, Madera Fuels, LLC received a loan from Enhanced Capital through the Mississippi Small Business Investment Company program. Madera Fuels’ waste collection facility, located in Corinth, MS, converts non-recyclable waste materials into reusable fuel, which supports local environmental sustainability initiatives.


Highline Structures, LLC

February 2020 Baxley, GA

Through the Georgia Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act program, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Highline Structures (previously Life Cottages) in February 2020. Highline Structures, located in Baxley, GA, addresses the demand for affordable housing by manufacturing already assembled single-family homes.


Tool Tech, LLC

February 2020 Springfield, OH

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Tool Tech, LLC, a machine shop in Springfield, Ohio, through the Ohio Rural Business Growth program in February 2020. This investment provided working capital for new equipment and allowed the Company to maintain the employment of local professionals.



Second Century Ag, LLC

December 2019 Ocilla, GA

In December 2019, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Second Century Ag, LLC through the Georgia Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act program. Second Century Agriculture is an agricultural services company focused on processing hemp crops that are grown and harvested by independent farmers in Georgia. This investment supports the Company’s goals of becoming the first large-scale industrial hemp producer in Georgia.


Global Cooling, Inc.

October 2019 Athens, OH

Through the Ohio Rural Business Growth program, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Global Cooling, Inc., a rural manufacturing company in Athens, OH. The investment in October 2019 provided working capital and liquidity to support the Company’s recently in-sourced manufacturing capabilities. This investment created new jobs and allowed the Company to continue to employ over 100 individuals.


Toledo Solar, Inc.

May 2019 Perrysburg, OH

In May 2019, Enhanced Capital provided a loan to Toledo Solar, Inc., through the Ohio Rural Business Growth program. Toledo Solar, based in Perrysburg, OH, is a leading US manufacturer of the Tier 1 CdTe solar panels, and capital from Enhanced allowed the Company to restart a manufacturing facility in rural Ohio.


Blyncsy, Inc.

March 2019 Salt Lake City, UT

In March 2019, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Blyncsy, Inc., a powerful technology and software company that captures data and location analytics to keep traffic flowing and travelers’ commutes safe and timely. Through the Utah Rural Jobs program, this investment provides the Company with capital to purchase additional equipment to help reduce accidents and congestion.


PureCycle, LLC

February 2019 Ironton, OH

Enhanced Capital provided a loan to PureCycle, LLC, a revolutionary recycling operation in Ironton, OH, with debt financing through the Ohio Rural Business Growth program in February 2019. The investment allows PureCycle to complete an Ohio based recycling plant and begin operations.



Blackdirt Farm Management, LLC

December 2018 Bartow, GA

In December 2018, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Blackdirt Farm Management, LLC through the Georgia Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act program. Blackdirt is a producer of grass-fed cattle for the US market, located in rural Bartow, GA. This investment will allow Blackdirt to acquire 402 acres of pastureland, additional cattle, and make improvements to the property.


PharmPix Corp.

December 2018 Puerto Rico

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in PharmPix Corp. through Puerto Rico’s Public Welfare Investment Fund in December 2018. The Company provides state-of-the-art pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions for pharmacies. This investment provided ParmPix with working capital and funds for software development.


MCS Manufacturing, LLC

October 2018 Lyons, OH

MCS Manufacturing, LLC is an automotive company in Lyons, OH. The Company is a vital supplier to the automotive sector for Tenneco, a company that employs nearly 32,000 people worldwide. To support additional tooling and equipment necessary for future sales to Tenneco, Enhanced Capital provided MCS with a loan through the Ohio Rural Business Growth program in October 2018.


Blackrock Microsystems, LLC

October 2018 Salt Lake City, UT

In September 2018, Blackrock Microsystems, LLC, a leading neuroscience company, received a loan from Enhanced Capital through the Utah New Markets Tax Credit program. The Company manufactures products to help research institutes and corporations conduct studies to address neuro disorders like paralysis and chronic pain.


C&J Specialties, Inc.

September 2018 Ephraim, Utah

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in C&J Specialties, Inc. in September of 2018 through the Utah Rural Jobs Act. The Company, also known as Colby’s Kettle Corn, is a snack manufacturer that specializes in high-quality kettle corn, in addition to packaged snack products like protein bars and cotton candy.


Palmer Equipment, LLC

August 2018 Salina, UT

Palmer Equipment, LLC, a family run business in Salina, UT, received a loan from Enhanced Capital through the Utah Rural Jobs Act. The Company specializes in New Holland bale wagons, a farming machine used to pick up, haul and unload bales. Palmer Equipment’s unique business model revitalizes used and damaged wagons to sell to small, independent farms at an affordable price. For over 30 years, Palmer has been involved with the agricultural community and has helped customers across the country.


RightPro Staffing, LLC

June 2018 Norwalk, CT

In June 2018, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in RightPro Staffing, LLC located in Norwalk CT. This investment qualifies as an urban investment through the InvestCT program. The Company focuses on permanent staffing for IT and healthcare services for local Connecticut employees. With decades of recruiting experience and an expansive network, the Company helps place candidates for a variety of industries and fields.


AW Carter, LLC

May 2018 Mount Pleasant, UT

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in AW Carter, LLC through the Utah Rural Jobs Act in May 2018. Based in Mount Pleasant, Utah, the Company manufactures custom furniture and is renowned for high-quality craftsmanship. With a handful of local experts, AW Carter has implemented a creative furniture crafting training method for new hires professionals from different backgrounds.


Spot-On Networks, LLC

March 2018 New Haven, CT

In March 2018, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Spot-On Networks, LLC through the InvestCT program. The Company is a highly trusted Wi-Fi provider for large commercial and residential buildings, including hotels, assisted living facilities, multi-tenant units, and restaurants.


Maximo Solar Industries, Inc.

February 2018 Puerto Rico

In February 2018, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment to Puerto Rico-based Maximo Solar Industries, Inc. (MSI), a multi-service solar energy enterprise. Enhanced provided financing to MSI through Puerto Rico’s Public Welfare Investment Fund to help supply working capital and cover loan repayment.



Magnolia Energy Services, LLC

December 2017 Taylorsville, MS

Enhanced Capital made debt investments in Mississippi companies, Magnolia Energy Services, LLC (MES) and River and Roads Directional Drilling LLC (RRDD), that facilitated equipment purchases, working capital, and additional job opportunities. The investment was through the Mississippi Small Business Investment Company program in December 2017.


Vertical Harvest, LLC

October 2017 Jackson, WY

Enhanced Capital provided Vertical Harvest, LLC with a loan through the Wyoming Small Business Investment Credit (WSBIC) program in October 2017 to help expand operations and further develop this woman-run business, located in Jackson, WY. The Company is one of the world’s first vertical greenhouses using hydroponic farming methods to grow produce year-round sustainably. Hydroponic farms are highly productive, environmentally friendly, and space-efficient solutions to traditional farms.


Budderfly, Inc.

September 2017 Shelton, CT

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Budderfly, Inc. through the InvestCT program in September 2017. This unique green technology company implements advanced technologies to measure, monitor, and reduce energy consumption. This investment provided capital for operations and general expenses to help Budderfly minimize energy consumption and pollution in the US.


Educational Playcare Holdco, LLC

June 2017 Hartford, CT

In June 2017, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment through the InvestCT program in Educational Playcare Holdco, LLC. The Company provides full and part-time daycare educational programs for children six weeks to 12 years old. Capital from this investment gives the Company, headquartered in Hartford, CT, additional working capital and allows for operational expansion.



Independent Medical Equipment, LLC

September 2016 Birmingham, AL

Independent Medical Equipment, LLC (iMed Equip), a hospice provider, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital through Alabama’s Certified Capital Company program in September 2016. The loan made it possible for iMed Equip to expand services and purchase additional equipment.


Blue Eye Corporation

June 2016 Salt Lake City, UT

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment to Blue Eye Corporation (Blue Eye) through the Utah New Markets Tax Credit Fund in June 2016. Blue Eye is a technology-enabled security management company located in Salt Lake City, UT, that provides real-time, interactive security systems. The investment provided working capital to help the Company increase sales efforts and expand the customer base.



Waterford Holdings, LLC

December 2015 Taylorsville, UT

Enhanced Capital made an initial debt investment in Waterford Holdings, LLC, a nonprofit research center in Taylorsville, UT, in December 2015. The Company provides reading, math, and science curriculum through a mix of software and services for students in pre-K through 2nd grade.


Taste, Inc. (Vino Volo)

December 2015 Oakland, California

Vino Volo, a wine tasting restaurant and retail store, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital in December 2015 through the Small Business Investment Company program. This investment helped refinance the Company’s existing debt and offered additional growth capital.


Renewology, Inc.

October 2015 Salt Lake City UT

Enhanced Capital provided a loan to Salt Lake City-based company, Renewlogy, Inc., through the Utah New Markets Tax Credit program in October 2015. The Company is a leader in innovative solutions to alleviate global pollution, and the debt investment supports operation expansion in Renewlogy’s Salt Lake City facility.


ICon Professional Services

February 2015 Denver, CO

In February 2015, ICon Professional Services, an independent compliance software and services contractor, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital through the Small Business Investment Company program. Enhanced provided ICon with multiple debt loans that ultimately allowed the Company to purchase Synergy Services, a direct competitor.



Designed Alloy Products, Inc.

July 2014 Chattanooga, TN

In July 2014, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Designed Alloy Products, Inc. (now known as Engineered Alloys LLC), a metal product manufacturer and distributor for foundries, mills, industrial customers, and dental labs. Enhanced invested through the Small Business Investment Company program to help the Company refinance bank debt and cover working capital in their Chattanooga, TN based facility.


Discover Video, LLC

June 2014 Wallingford, CT

Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Discover Video through the InvestCT program. Headquartered in Wallingford, CT, Discover Video is a pioneer in both the video communications and digital media industries. The Company is changing and improving communication channels by offering advanced streaming solutions that facilitate corporate, broadcast, education, healthcare, and government operations.


The RiteScreen Company, LLC

June 2014 Elizabethville, PA

In June 2014, Enhanced made a debt investment in The RiteScreen Company, LLC, one of North America’s leading independent manufacturers of window and patio door screens. For over 70 years, the Company has operated in Elizabethville, PA, and delivers high-quality, cost-efficient products to the market.


Café Valley, Inc.

May 2014 Phoenix, AR

Café Valley, Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, AR, is a rapidly growing commercial bakery that produces products for grocery retailers, quick-service restaurants, and club stores. The Company received a loan from Enhanced Capital through the Small Business Investment Company program in May 2014.



Mid-State Machine and Fabrication Corp.

October 2013 Lakeland, FL

Founded in the 1970s, Mid-State Machine and Fabrication Corp. (Mid-State) started as a small 10-man machine manufacturing organization in Lakeland, FL. Now, the Company offers a full suite of fabrication, maintenance, and field services to the mining, chemical, power generation, and general manufacturing industries across the southeast.


Post-N-Track Corporation

July 2013 Rocky Hill, CT

A data technology company, Post-N-Track Corporation, received a loan in 2013 from Enhanced Capital through the InvestCT program. This initial debt investment enabled the Company to increase its team by adding nine jobs in the local area.


California Home Medical Equipment, Inc.

March 2013 Foster City, CA

In March 2013, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in California Home Medical Equipment, Inc. (CHME) through the Small Business Investment Company program. CHME is a full-service home medical equipment company that serves communities in Northern California. The investment from Enhanced helped refinance bank debt and equipment expenses, opening the doors to further growth opportunities.



Hometown Oxygen, LLC

December 2012 Charlotte, NC

In December 2012, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in HomeTown Oxygen through the Small Business Investment Company program. HomeTown Oxygen, operating in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, NC, is a leading regional provider of specialty respiratory products and infusion therapy services, including ventilators and oxygen tanks.


Lapolla Industries, Inc.

June 2012 Houston, TX

Enhanced Capital provided Lapolla Industries, Inc. (Lapolla) with a loan through the Jobs for Texas program in June 2012. This debt investment allowed the Company to pay down outstanding accounts payable as well as increase general working capital.



Advanced Network Solutions, LLC

August 2011 Nashville, TN

Enhanced Capital made an equity investment in Advanced Network Solutions, LLC (ANS), a provider of outsourced IT services to small and medium business customers. Based in Nashville, TN, the Company received financing from Enhanced through the TNInvestco program.



New Day Pharmacy Corp.

April 2010 Nashville, TN

Enhanced Capital made an equity investment in New Day Pharmacy Corp. through the TNInvestco program. New Day Pharmacy, headquartered in Nashville, TN, is a technology‐enabled pharmacy provider for long-term care and nursing facilities.



Infrahealth Insurance Verification and Eligibility System, Inc.

March 2009 Austin, TX

Through Texas’s Certified Capital Company program, Enhanced Capital made a debt investment in Infrahealth Insurance Verification and Eligibility System, Inc. (Infrahealth) in March 2009. Located in Austin, TX, Infrahealth is one of the country’s leading Health Care software and services providers.



Flying Fish Creative Services, Inc. (Acquired by NexLearn)

December 2008 Baton Rouge, LA

Flying Fish Creative Services, Inc., an electronic learning solutions company, received a loan from Enhanced Capital in December 2008. Enhanced invested the Baton Rouge, LA-based Company through Louisiana’s Certified Capital Company program. Flying Fish used the loan for working capital and to sustain the employment of high-tech jobs.


RepEquity, Inc. (REQ)

November 2008 Washington, DC

RepEquity Inc., doing business as REQ, received financing from Enhanced Capital in November 2008. Enhanced provided a convertible preferred stock investment and debt financing through the Enhanced Capital District Fund, LLC and DC’s Certified Capital Company program.



D.H. Lloyd & Associates, Inc.

November 2007 Washington, DC

D.H. Lloyd & Associates, Inc. (D.H. L&A), a commercial insurance and risk management platform, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital in November 2007. The Company serves corporate and government clients, offering coverage in areas of construction, cyber liability, and business owner plans.



TurboSquid, Inc.

October 2006 New Orleans, LA

In October 2006, TurboSquid, Inc. received a loan from Enhanced Capital through Louisiana’s Certified Capital Company program. Located in New Orleans, LA, TurboSquid is the world’s largest source for professional 3D models. Enhanced’s investment helped expand operations to take advantage of the lucrative video gaming industry.




March 2004 Centennial, CO

In March 2004, GolfTec, a golf technology company, in Centennial, CO, received a debt investment from Enhanced Capital through Colorado’s Certified Capital Company program. GolfTec’s strategy combines the skills of PGA professional instructors with technology and fact-based instruction to help golfers improve and hone their game.



StorePerform Technologies, Inc. (Acquired by Blue Yonder)

November 2002 Denver, CO

StorePerform Technologies, Inc., a software tech company in Denver, CO, received a loan from Enhanced Capital through Colorado’s Certified Capital Company program in November 2002. Enhanced’s investment in the Company helped stimulate growth and support job creation.


All Investments

goTeff, INC.2023RIProvidence
Plants To Food2023RILincoln
Waterbury Plating, LLC2023CTWaterbury
Abraham Home Care Provider, LLC2022RIProvidence
Agape Homes of Rhode Island, LLC2022RIWoonsocket
First National Title & Escrow, LLC2022RIMiddletown
iCleanse LLC2022CTAvon
Impact Housing Group2022SCWestminster
Quitman Community Hospital2022MSMarks
Service Insight LLC 2022CTMadison
APM Consulting Group, LLC 2021RIProvidence
Thirsty Beaver Smithfield, LLC2021RISmithfield
Wakefield Tavern, LLC2021RIWakefield
Smize2021CALos Angeles
Access Health Dental2020NVHenderson
Ventum2020UTHerber City
LV.NET, LLC2020UTLas Vegas
G3LV2020NVLas Vegas
FC Comp, LLC2020UTGunnison
Lilyana Naturals2020MSCollinsville
AMS Construction, LLC2020MSNesbit
Student Recourse Center2020OHSteubenville
Habersham Vintners, Inc2020GAHelen
FC Foods, LLC2020UTSalt Lake City
Lake Country Brewing, LLC2020GAGreensboro
Cornucopia Farms Avera, LLC2020GAAvera
White Oak Pastures, Inc.2020GABluffton
DPRE2020UTSalt Lake City
Life Cottages2020GABaxley
Madera Fuels2020MSCorinth
Tool Tech2020OHSpringfield
AMG Industries2019OHMt. Vernon
Atlas Industries2019OHFremont
Blyncsy2019UTSalt Lake City
Cabinet Concept2019GAEatonton
Commercial Cutting2019OHMansfield
Delta H2019OHCarroll
Educon2019Puerto Rico
Energea2019CTOld Saybrook
Global Cooling2019OHAthens
Intermodal Structure2019UT
Keith Griffin Farms2019GABainbridge
Knickerbocker2019Puerto Rico
Lashbrook Jewelry2019UTDraper
Rn Industries Trucking, Inc. (Dalbo)2019UTRoosevelt
Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.2019Puerto Rico
Salad Days, Llc2019MSFlora
Second Century2019GAOcilla
Toledo Solar2019OHPerrysburg
Voice Glance2019CTStonington
AVF2018UTSalt Lake City
AW Carter2018UTMount Pleasant
Blackrock Microsystems2018UTMIA
Delcon Partners2018WYJackson
Grey Wall2018CTNew Haven
Inergy Holdings2018UTSalt Lake City
InWhatLanguage2018UTSalt Lake City
Maximo Solar2018Puerto Rico
Maya North Las Vegas2018UTNorth Las Vegas
Palmer Equipment2018UTSalina
PharmPix2018Puerto Rico
Powderhorn Partners2018WYJackson
PR Children’s Hospital2018Puerto Rico
RightPro Staffing2018CTDanbury
Romark Laboratories2018Puerto Rico
Spot-On Networks, LLC2018CTNew Haven
Student Service2018OHSteubenville
Windham Nursing2018CTWindham
AirUp Vending, LLC2017MSCollins
Corrective Education2017UTOrem
Eco Flower2017UTWest Haven
Educational Playcare2017CTHartford
GWL CT Pace, LLC2017CTDarien
Harvest Lane Honey2017UTSalt Lake City
Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co.2017CTNorth Branford
Pinnacle Medical Sol2017MSSouthaven
Tella Firma2017TXRichardson
Vertical Harvest2017WYJackson
Y2 Consultants, LLC2017WYJackson
Alpine Technical Services (ATS)2016UTMidvale
Blue Eye2016UTWest Valley City
Brighter Health Network, LLC2016MSFlowood
Brushbuck Guide Services, Inc.2016WYJackson
Declin Distillers, LLC2016TXAustin
Faria Beede Instruments, Inc.2016CTUncasville
ImageOne Industries, LLC2016PABensalem
iMed Equip2016ALTrussville
Inbox Health Corp.2016CTBridgeport
KenCast, Inc.2016CTNorwalk
Landshark Transport, LLC2016MSJackson
Mercado, LLC2016WYJackson
Physician One Urgent Care, LLC2016CTBrookfield
Prime-Line Products Company2016CARedlands
Pro South, Inc.2016MSBoonville
Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, LLC2016CTNew London
TaskEasy2016UTSalt Lake City
BlueSky Restoration Contractors, Inc.2015COCentennial
Cascata Packaging2015UTWest Valley City
DogJax, LLC2015WYJackson
Empire Genomics, LLC2015NYBuffalo
Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC2015CTRiverside
Fresh Green Light, LLC2015CTGreenwich
Greenleaf Energy Solutions, LLC2015CTOxford
ICon Professional Services2015CAFoster City
Kat Burki2015CTWestport
L2 Development Partners, LLC2015WYJackson
Medaxion, Inc.2015TNNashville
Mezmeriz, Inc.2015NYIthaca
PitchEngine, Inc.2015WYLander
Renewology2015UTSalt Lake City
Research Edge Holdings, LLC2015CTStamford
Rocky Mountain Wash, LLC2015WYPinedale
SIGNix, Inc.2015TNChattanooga
Skuidify, LLC2015TNChattanooga
Strategic Dental Executives, LLC2015TXDenton
Taste, Inc.2015CAOakland
TBL Group, Inc.2015TXHouston
Aero-Mark MRO, LLC2014ALFairhope
American Behavioral Benefits Managers, Inc.2014ALBirmingham
American Log Handlers, LLC2014MSRidgeland
Bayshore Redmont, Inc.2014ALBirmingham
Bentek Corporation2014CASan Jose
Birmingham Motorycycle Company, LLC2014ALBirmingham
Café Valley, Inc.2014ARPhoenix
Camgian Microsystems Corporation2014MSStarkville
Club Getaway Operating Co., LLC2014CTKent
Cotton Mill Hotel Group, LLC2014MSRidgeland
Designed Alloy Products, Inc.2014ILAurora
Discover Video2014CTWallingford
Garage Juice Bar, LLC2014CTTolland
High Ground Solutions, Inc.2014ALHoover
ikaSystems Corporation2014MASouthborough
Infinity Home Care, LLC2014FLSarasota
Iredale Minerals Cosmetics, Ltd.2014MAGreat Barrington
Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, LLC2014MSKiln
LoveSac, LLC2014CTStamford
Mayco Industries, Inc.2014ALBirmingham
Navagis, Inc.2014MSJackson
Quadra FS, Inc.2014NYBrooklyn
Solving Tech, Inc.2014WYGillettee
Sovereign Home Health of Connecticut, LLC2014CTNorwalk
Tank Partners Holdings, LLC2014TXSeguin
Wadley Crushed Stone Company, LLC2014ALWadley
Wealth Access, Inc.2014TNNashville
AeroCision, LLC2013CTChester
Carthage Specialty Paperboard, Inc.2013NYCarthage
Cell-Nique Corporation2013CTNorwalk
CHME, Inc.2013CAFoster City
Federated Sample, LLC2013LANew Orleans
Greenskies Renewable Energy, LLC2013CTMiddletown
Hatch Beauty2013CALos Angeles
HomeTown Oxygen2013NCCharlotte
Innoteq, Inc.2013CTStratford
JobTarget, LLC2013CTNew London
Mid State Machine and Fabrication Corporation (MSMFC)2013FLLakeland
Oesse Foods, Inc.2013CTNew Haven
Peak Builders, Inc.2013WYJackson
PlayMaker CRM, Inc.2013TNFranklin
Post-N-Track Corporation2013CTRocky Hill
Saff, Inc.2013NYNew York
SciApps, Inc.2013WYLaramie
Teton Gravity Research, LLC2013WYWilson
Vacuum Technologies Corporation2013WYSheridan
W.C. Leasing, LLC2013MSRichland
WRJ Design Associates, Ltd2013WYJackson
ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc.2012TNLouisville
ADAO Global, LLC2012TXAustin
Alereon, Inc.2012TXAustin
APS Technology, Inc.2012CTWallingford
CloudX, Inc.2012CTSuffield
Community Cars, Inc.2012TXRound Rock
ContinuumRx Services, Inc.2012ALBirmingham
Dalcom Communication Systems2012TNNashville
Dreyfus-Cortney, Inc.2012LAMaritime
EMME E2MS, LLC2012CTOld Saybrook
Fireside Glamping, LLC2012WYWilson
Five Point Partners, LLC2012GAAtlanta
General DataComm, Inc.2012CTNaugatuck
Hoffman Media, LLC2012ALBirmingham
LaPolla Industries, Inc.2012TXHouston
MedAdherence, LLC2012CTNorwalk
Network Contract Solutions, LLC2012TNBrentwood
NuScript, Inc.2012TNNashville
Oxford Performance Materials, LLC2012CTSouth Windsor
Pinkgirls, LLC2012LANew Orleans
Precipio Diagnostics, LLC2012CTNew Haven
Reflective Recycling of New England, LLC2012CTSouth Windsor
Rush Sales Company, Inc.2012TXOdessa
Shareholder InSite, Inc.2012TNNashville
StoredIQ, Inc.2012TXAustin
Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc.2012CTTrumbull
Sylvan R. Shemitz Designs, LLC (d/b/a Lighting Quotient)2012CTWest Haven
The Rehab Documentation Company, Inc.2012TNBrentwood
Water Science Technologies, LLC2012ALBessemer
Wetsman Forensic Medicine, LLC2012LANew Orleans
Wyoming Authentic Products, LLC2012WYCody
Advanced Network Solutions, LLC2011TNNashville
BLOC Global Development Group, LLC2011ALBirmingham
CapControls, LLC2011TNBrentwood
CoreSense, Inc.2011NYSaratoga Spings
Finance Flows, Inc.2011DCWashington
Hadapt, Inc.2011CTNew Haven
Healthcare Staffing Partners, Inc.2011CAAgoura Hills
iDevices, LLC2011CTCanton
Knoa Software, Inc.2011NYNew York
Payment America Systems, Inc.2011TNNashville
Pennant Sports, Inc.2011ALBirmingham
Two Roads Brewing Company, LLC2011CTGreenwich
Vault.com, Inc.2011NYNew York
BinOptics Corp.2010NYIthaca
Energy Source Partners, LLC2010TNNashville
Fsi, Inc.2010TNNashville
Impresario Promotional Concepts, LLC2010ALMobile
JP Sports2010ALBirmingham
Motion Computing, Inc.2010TXAustin
New Day Pharmacy, Inc.2010TNNashville
Nurses-in-Partnership, Inc.2010COBasalt
Optimal IMX, Inc.2010ALBirmingham
Parks Pharmacy2010ALMontgomery
Redemption Oil & Gas, LLC2010TXSan Antonio
Rheonix2010NYNew York
SunWater2010TXHaltom City
Supreme Cleaning, Inc.2010ALMontgomery
Vedero Software, LLC2010TXPlano
Zeno Corp2010TXHouston
Affinity Lab, LLC2009DCWashington
Layered Technologies, Inc.2009TXPlano
Okie Dokie2009DCWashington
Park Place2009DCWashington
Principle Pharmacy Group, Inc.2009ALBirmingham
SkyWay Group2009TXUvalde
Whiteglove House Call Health, Inc.2009TXAustin
Affiniscape, Inc.2008TXAustin
American Legal2008ALBirmingham
City Winery New York, LLC2008NYNew York
Cypress Creek Crossing, Ltd2008TXVolente
EnteGreat, Inc.2008ALBirmingham
Flying Fish Creative Services, Inc.2008LABaton Rouge
PeopleTec, Inc.2008ALHuntsville
Southeastern Plateworks2008ALBirmingham
Wine and Spirits Expo, LLC2008DCWashington
Word World, LLC2008NYNew York
CreateHope, Inc.2007DCWashington
D.H. Lloyd & Associates (D.H. L&A)2007DCWashington
Fireplace Manufacting2007ALFairfield
Hotel Tech2007NYBuffalo
Hotel Technology Solutions, Inc.2007NYAmherst
Lodgic Construction, LLC2007LAMetairie
Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, Inc.2007DCWashington
Movero Technology, Inc.2007TXAustin
Mystique Brands, LLC2007NYNew York
Selltis, LLC2007LAMandeville
Xtreme Mobile2007NYWhite Plains
ARC Solutions, Inc.2006DCWashington
AV Smoot2006DCWashington
JLC New Hope Patners2006DCWashington
Portico Learning2006LABaton Rouge
Source Medical2006ALBirmingham
TurboSquid, Inc.2006LANew Orleans
American Rotor2005ALBessemer
Flow Logic2005LABaton Rouge
Flowtech Fueling, LLC2005WYMoorcroft
Infinia Group, LLC2005NYNew York
RepEquity, Inc.2005DCWashington
Truist, Inc.2005DCWashington
Barvista Homes, Inc.2004COJohnstown
ICG2004LABaton Rouge
Lexim Mortgage2004ALBirmingham
Stat Nurses2004COBasalt
Wireless Channels2004COBoulder
Xedar Corporation2004COArvada
Azimuth2003NYNew York
VSS Southern Theaters2003LANew Orleans
eBidenergy2002NYWest Henrietta
Group 3 Design2002NYNew York

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